Wooden Skirting – Get A Hardwood Floor In Style

Installing a new floor or floor renovation is a task worth doing. Why not upgrade your living areas a little bit? Each of our gorgeous hardwood floors is complemented by high-quality wooden skirting boards and finishing profiles. 

When used in conjunction with marble or tile flooring, wooden skirting adds a sense of coziness, richness, and sophistication. It works best with light-colored floors, walls, and ceilings, as in this example. Install a decorative wooden skirting as it adds a detailed look to the home.

This skirting works best with an ornamental or traditional-looking decor. Instead of using contrasting colours in small rooms, choose skirting that is the same colour as the wall. This small touch will create a smooth appearance and increase the feeling of spaciousness. You can get the top stuff from Floor Shop Dubai.


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Finishing Your Floor With Wooden Skirting

Wooden Skirting

STEP 1: Install your skirting boards

Your wooden border boards are easy to install. Every wooden floor design in the collection has a skirting board to match it, so after choosing the boards that fit your floor, carry out the following steps:

  • Beginning with the corners, measure the length of your walls.
  • Use a circular saw to cut the skirting boards at the proper angle.
  • Each skirting board should be coated equally with glue before being forcefully pressed into position.

STEP 2: Use the finishing profiles 

Finishing profiles are advantageous for various reasons, including reducing height discrepancies between various floor levels. You may also blend several flooring types, thanks to them. If you have a floating installation, you must place one in each doorway, and you could also find that larger rooms require them. You only need to select between a precisely matched 5-in-1 profile or one of our aluminium profiles because our profiles are really simple to install.

STEP 3: The specifications

Those minor touches make a huge difference when installing a new floor or renovating a space. Why not complement your new décor with one of our elegant radiator covers? If you cannot install skirting boards in specific areas, you may still use the Kit to provide a finishing touch. Just be careful not to fill any necessary dilatation joints.

STEP 4: Finish your stairs

Perhaps it’s time to extend your elegant new wooden skirting to your stairs and decorate them with our complimentary stair covers. All you need are some simple DIY skills, and it’s simple!

  • To ensure that your steps are tidy and level, remove the old flooring.
  • Cut your planks with a circular saw to fit each stair’s vertical side.
  • Apply glue to the vertical side of the cut plank.
  • Put an aluminium profile along the stair’s edge and securely screw it in.
  • Planks should be cut to fit each step before being adhered to horizontally. Always make sure that they are flush against the vertical side.
  • Then repeat, one step at a time.

Once the final touches are completed, all that remains is to step back and admire your sumptuous new interior. A job well done!

Why Flooring Shop Dubai Is The Best For Buying Wooden Skirting?

We are dedicated to offering a wide variety of Wooden Skirting to fulfill clients’ various needs. It is made with the highest quality wood that has been purchased from approved market vendors. We specialise in providing Floor Wooden Skirting to our clients at cost-effective prices. The offered wooden skirting is utilized as floor skirting in residences and businesses. The skirting that we provide is created using cutting-edge technology under the supervision of our knowledgeable specialists.