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Hard flooring called laminate is created to resemble genuine hardwood floors. A wood fiber core and several layers on top provide additional durability and wear resistance in the construction of laminate flooring. The quality of laminate flooring has significantly increased in recent years. Reputable producers like Flooring Shop Dubai now carry better and more authentic-looking varieties. We make good investments in the creation of our laminate flooring products.

Why Pick Us For The Installation of Laminate Flooring? 

  • Water and Scratch Resistance: Our laminate flooring is ideal for folks who have families or frequently have friends over. We make sure the top layer is extremely water- and scratch-resistant. This indicates that it can easily handle the pressures of daily living. Since solid wood is sensitive to moisture and humidity in certain areas, laminate flooring can be installed with ease in areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and conservatory where spills and humidity changes are common.


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  • Clean, easily maintainable surface: Another advantage of our laminate flooring is that it is simple to clean; all that is required is routine sweeping and mopping with light soap and water. This makes it ideal for those with clumsy personalities or families with young children who enjoy nothing more than making a mess! Because there is nowhere for dust or allergens to hide, it is particularly fantastic for people who suffer from allergies.
  • Authentic Design: It is challenging to tell whether our laminates are made of wood because they look so natural. Despite the fact that these laminates are typically more expensive, you get all the advantages of a laminate with a lovely finish. Laminate flooring comes in a wide variety of colours and finishes, and the price varies according on how realistic it is.
  • Convenient Manufacturing: A laminate consists of a picture image encased in several dense, protective layers. To build a floor that is extremely resilient, these are cemented together.  The development of more authentic finishes and the capacity for mass production have been made possible by advancements in laminate manufacturing. This is advantageous for both interior design and financial situation because mass production makes goods more affordable to produce, which makes them more affordable for you to purchase.

How Simple Is Laminate Flooring Installation?

The simplicity of installation is one of the many advantages of laminate flooring. In fact, even without any prior knowledge, you could definitely install Laminate Flooring in an entire room in just one day! It’s quite simple to install laminate flooring, whether you cut it with a saw or just snap it together with a “tongue and groove” technique. You could even hire a professional like us to do it for you for if all of this seems too overwhelming and the idea of placing laminates around entrances and fireplaces turns you off.

Why Choose Us? 

At Flooring Shop Dubai, laminate flooring offers superb aesthetics at competitive prices. It also lasts a long time. A laminate floor is softer and won’t hurt your kids or pets, so you won’t have to worry about them on it. The heavy traffic on our laminate flooring won’t damage it. Large orders qualify for significant discounts from us. Therefore, take advantage of our special offers and purchase laminate flooring from Flooring Shop Dubai for the lowest price in a selection of lovely colours and designs. Our wide variety of styles and cutting-edge laminate will go nicely with your interior decor.