Well-Finished Aluminium Skirting For Your Space 

Aluminium can be machined in various ways to produce its distinctive lustre, colour, qualities, and overall “personality.” Aluminium skirting boards are beautiful, elegant, and functional thanks to their more technical aspects and outstanding aesthetic appeal.

The aluminium skirting collection offers an aesthetically beautiful finish line between wall coatings and floor finishes and a robust finish to protect walls. Although the skirting comes in two basic heights, it can be customised to a specific size.

The skirting profiles made of aluminium have a high level of wear resistance and a premium finish. A vinyl cover strip in grey or black conceals modern skirting with a recessed pocket for screw installation. Because of its open pocket, it is very durable.

Simple screw installation into studs. The black infill strip creates an appealing element. For a minimalist effect, choose a grey infill strip. Available with natural anodised and mill finish. Simply elegant flat skirting for a modern appearance with good resilience and impact resistance.


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Benefits Of Having Aluminium Skirting

Aluminium skirting
  • It requires minimal maintenance, and you can attach it with contact adhesive. It can be powder-coated. Simplifies the finishing off of external corners. Tabs slide into meeting sections and neatly keep corners together. 
  • Corners can be cut down to suit smaller skirting. It can be used in reverse for internal corners. Skirting Cover Tape Provided for screw fix skirting to conceal the screws once installed. Inserts simply into the slots provided. 
  • Grey cover tape complements a minimalist look and blends well with the skirting colour. Where a shadow line is needed, the profile’s design will provide perfectly parallel lines and shorten installation time. 
  • The border is made of aluminium to give it a sleek, modern look. Creates a shadow line flat with the wall and a robust aluminium skirting. It resolves issues that current metal shadow line trims can’t fix. It provides a smooth, straight line that is simple to install.

Utilise An Aluminium Skirting Board To Add Style

Aluminium is a unique material that has always been employed in modern interior design and continues to do so now. It can be described in various ways, including versatile, elegant, minimalist, contemporary, and functional. 

The ideal light alloy is the chosen “ingredient” for making electrical appliances, lighting, and home decor. The design world had fallen in love with this material. Unsurprisingly, Flooring Shop Dubai, whose focus on fashion has always been paramount. We have a wide range of aluminium skirting boards, with something to suit every need. 

Types Of Aluminium Skirting Boards

Our aluminium skirting boards are available in anodised, painted, or polished finishes, with options to suit any needs or specifications. Each model was created and built to ensure the best wall-floor joints and fittings.  Service wires and cables can also be run through the skirting, where they are protected and hidden from view to assure their safety and aesthetic appeal. These features, which can be square, rounded, curvy, or straight, offer the space an attractive and contemporary vibe. 

It will look great with even the most current furniture. Our company produces and exports aluminium skirting profiles of the highest calibre. We are proud of the excellent quality of our offerings. High-quality raw materials are used in the production of the goods. To meet the current global requirements, they go through several quality checks. 

Why Choose Flooring Shop Dubai?

The business criterion at Flooring Shop Dubai is “user pleasure,” which is always the company’s primary priority. We adhere to national and industry standards when producing our aluminium skirting goods. Due to our flawlessly developed shipping services, we can serve our whole product line with the shortest lead times. We now want to expand our product selection and dominate the interior design market.