LVT Flooring

If you’re in the demand for new flooring, you are aware of how overwhelming the alternatives may be. Considerable options exist for styles, textures, and materials. Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT, is a fantastic choice to include on your shortlist. LVT has the unusual ability to blend the appearance of the majority of flooring materials with robust, long-lasting vinyl tile. This vinyl is different from the vinyl you may remember from your childhood; it has the added advantage of being water and damage resistant and can be cut and installed to simulate flooring, stone, or wood.

Modular vinyl flooring comes in the form of LVT or luxury vinyl tile. In contrast to conventional vinyl flooring, which is laid down in single sheets, tiles are arranged one by one. Although it frequently mimics actual wood or stone in appearance, it offers more useful features than genuine materials. Our vinyl floors offer a high-quality surface that makes them perfect for office and commercial settings. They are aesthetically arresting, adaptable, and simple to install, and they were created to enable impactful creative ideas.


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There are several types of LVT flooring like

Self-adhesive vinyl planks and tiles 

They do not need additional glue because they already have a pressure-sensitive adhesive layer on their backs. The protective film is simply peeled off, the plank or tile is placed, and pressure is applied.

lvt flooring

Stick-down LVT

Although vinyl flooring designed for gluing is available, you must purchase specific vinyl glue separately. The vinyl squares or planks are bonded to the adhesive layer once the glue has been applied to the ground. Consequently, it is generally advised to let a professional handle this installation.

Vinyl flooring and tiles that lock together

For adjacent tiles to simply click together in place, interlock vinyl planks and tiles feature unique mouths and grooves on their edges. The click mechanisms on parquet and hardwood flooring that most of us are acquainted with are very similar to this.

Free-standing vinyl planks 

The reason loose-lay vinyl planks and tiles stick to the ground is because of the high coefficient of friction in their unique bottom layer. As a result, they have a very firm grip on the subfloor, yet they can be removed, reused, and do not leave any residue.

Advantages of LVT flooring

  • LVT flooring is especially challenging and long-lasting. The floor, as previously stated, has a built-in scrape and stain guard. LVT is far more durable than wood, tile, or laminate flooring, which can easily wear due to everyday wear and tear. Certain LVT manufacturers even provide a 25-year assurance on domestic everyday wear and tear.
  • Most types of LVT are completely waterproof, making them ideal for wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Another advantage of LVT is that there are an infinite number of models to choose from. All have a genuine appearance and provide an accurate portrayal of wood flooring, earthenware or stone tiles. The designs are of high quality, and designs are constantly being added.
  • LVT is extremely adaptable and functional. Because of its durability, robustness, and waterproof properties, it can be easily installed in any room of your home. It can withstand the high foot traffic associated with busy areas such as hallways and living rooms.

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