SPC Flooring

It can be difficult to strike a balance between design and performance when selecting flooring for your homes, workplace, or commercial area. The best part is that SPC flooring is becoming increasingly popular as a good compromise between the two. Stiff core The strongest impermeable vinyl flooring choice in the marketplace is luxury vinyl flooring, sometimes referred to as SPC flooring. Its composition is comparable to that of WPC, but it features a super-duper core, hence the term “stiff core.” What does SPC, therefore, represent? It comes out that it refers to two synonymous phrases: stone polymer composite and stone plastic composite. It tells us about the composition of the core. This floor is exceptionally resilient thanks to the SPC core, which keeps its shape even on irregular subfloors. This implies that you may place SPC firm cores premium vinyl flooring at about any volume of demand, over nearly any pre-existing solid layer floor.

Where should SPC flooring be installed?

SPC is a fantastic, expense option for domestic buildings’ main floors with typical wear in the cooking, living areas, or washroom. It is also great for supplementary holiday homes, rental apartments, and basements where permeability is advantageous because it requires little care can withstand damage, and is affordable to replace to keep a contemporary appearance.

There are numerous advantages to SPC flooring. See what all perks it offers. 


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Advantages of SPC flooring

  • SPC is well-suited for usage in locations with significant pedestrian traffic, and as a result, it is widely used in commercial structures. Due to its exceptional resistance to wear and tear, SPC is frequently put in corridors, cooking areas, and washroom in-home housing. SPC floors resist dents even with heavy furniture. 
spc flooring
  • Burn resistant 

This flooring is typically something not we think about while burning insulation in our houses. The real kicker about SPC flooring is that it is one of the highest burn-resistant resources available because of the stone polymer mix utilized in the panels

  • Variety Of Styles And Options

You have a tonne of leeway to create the pattern and arrangement you want thanks to the wide choice of designs available. If you like to take chances, have fun mixing and matching various colors to achieve your preferred style. Just let your imagination run wild!

  • Stainless and scratches resistant 

SPC flooring is incredibly resilient and able to withstand a heavy traffic environment because it is not readily discolored and scratched. Its widespread use in business settings like offices, stores, and restaurants are made possible by these advantages. Pet owners don’t need to worry about their flooring because. it is also resistant to stains and scratches.

  • Safe from noise

These unique features reduce outside noise, which contributes to the tranquility and serenity of your surroundings. You won’t need to worry if your neighbors were disturbed by any noise thanks to the feature that reduces indoor noise.

If you are looking to install SPC flooring, then see where you can find it 

Why choose us? 

 Your House may become a home with flooring Shop Dubai.  To make your interior design come to life, choose from a wide variety of colors and textures in a variety of materials in SPC flooring.  All of our floors are simple to install and keep clean. For a clean and pleasant environment, the surface protectors provide improved durability and lower lifecycle costs. Our flooring is made to help maintain a good flooring experience